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Our farm


fresh Produce

Garden Girl Farm is unique because we don’t just offer a wide variety of interesting vegetables from spring through fall but we also offer fresh fruit from our berry patches and orchard. Summer at Garden Girl Farm means eating from the garden and avoiding the grocery store at all costs, which is pretty easy to do when we have fresh herbs, pantry staples such as onions and garlic, a wide variety of salad fixings, root vegetables, squash and assorted fruit for snacks and delicious desserts!


Micro greens

In our indoor growing space we enjoy growing microgreens throughout the year. It is so satisfying to be eating freshly grown produce in the middle of winter. We love microgreens because of their rich nutrient density and they compliment a wide variety of cuisine. Some of our favorites include a basic salad mix and sunflowers.


Our Chickens & Eggs

Here at Garden Girl Farm, we have happy hens. They are pasture raised in our large fenced orchard. During the day they eat grass and search for bugs, all the while providing the orchard with plenty of organic fertilizer. We have a diverse range of egg colors from dark chocolate brown, white, green, and light brown.


cut flowers

We specialize in growing flowers that thrive in Idaho’s hot summers, varieties include Zinnias, Sunflowers, Calendula, Old Fashion Snapdragons and Amaranth.  The benefit to purchasing local fresh cut flowers, is that they last much longer than store bought and they have a much smaller carbon footprint. Our flowers are sure to bring a little Idaho sunshine into your home.